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How to create more space on your kitchen worktops

Your kitchen worktops and how you can create more space

Kitchen worktops are often a ‘dumping ground’ for anything your family can find.

Kitchens are the heart and soul of the home. It’s where you and your family spend the most time in and because of that, it can often become a space nightmare.

Whether you live in an apartment or have a growing family, kitchen storage and space is almost always an issue. We can’t always choose the size of our kitchen but there are a few things we can to create more space.

Take a look at our blog on ideas to improve your kitchen storage.

To help you in your kitchen here’s some ideas on how to create more space on your kitchen worktops.

Kitchen Shelf

Add a shelf

A shelf within a kitchen isn’t the most typical feature but can save the worktop from even more clutter. This under-unit shelf offers this family more space for utensils and smaller cooking items.

We’ve just commissioned a kitchen in Ilkley, with a similar shelf as part of a marble splashback.

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Make the most out of your draws

When designing your new kitchen, you may not automatically think or spend a lot of time on your draws or utensil storage. The utensil draws are the perfect space for all those essential bits and pieces that might currently live on your worktop.

This wide drawer, is at our Ilkley Showroom. It’s a german manufactured Pronorm Kitchen, with a beautiful handleless finish. The storage ideas and options on this particular kitchen allow for a clean and simple look.

Kitchen Island (1)

Add an island extension

An island is a great addition to any kitchen but in most households is subject to all types of clutter so space to eat or work is at a premium. That’s why adding an island extension is perfect for allowing you to use your island for its purpose – cooking!

Here we’ve added a breakfast table extension that could be used for work or an alternative to the dining table.

Kitchen Fitted Furniture

Fitted Furniture is your friend

The key to making the most of the space on your kitchen worktops is creating alternative storage for items you don’t think about. From cookbooks to decorations and ornaments, having a separate wardrobe allows you to use your worktops for what they are designed for.

Here we created a beautiful bookshelf in this awkward space that allows homeowners to use their kitchen more efficiently.

Kitchen Worktops Summary

Take a look at some of our kitchens we’ve done for more inspiration and top tips. Alternatively, you can take a look at some of our projects at HouzzInstagram or Facebook.

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