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Bosch Kitchen Appliances of the future

Explore the future of Bosch Kitchen Appliances

Wharfedale Interiors are a proud partner of Bosch Kitchen appliances in the UK. Every year, we commission hundreds of kitchens for homeowners and developers, and Bosch is our most popular kitchen appliance.

With a world-renowned brand and the latest technology, Bosch is a leading name within the kitchen world.

Over the years, the world of kitchen appliances has developed massively. Cooking has become less of a chore and more of a celebration – some would even call it the main event at dinner parties. Kitchens are also the darlings of designers and architects and a testing ground for new gadgets.

Here’s a glimpse on what the kitchens of the future may look like.

Living Kitchen

Typically the kitchen was designed for meal prep and cooking. However, the kitchen of the future will be a highly multifunctional space. The vast majority of kitchens we design today are more living spaces than just the cooking area.

Rather than just a functional room, it’s a place where people want to spend time, relax and enjoy themselves. These things typically would happen in the living room or lounge but now the kitchen is the true heart of the house.

For more ideas and examples of our open living kitchens, visit our latest projects here.

Connected Kitchen

The home is becoming increasingly connected and data-driven, and the kitchen is no different. We’ve all seen the movies where all electronics are controlled by an Ipad or voice command. We already use mobile devices to check what’s in the fridge or set laundry timers on the go. More of our kitchen appliances will be equipped with smart options and linked to the internet and mobile. Imagine an intelligent worktop that detects objects and users, and even displays nutritional information. Think of a hob that not only heats a pan but gives you the exact timing and quantities.

Visit the Bosch Website to download the iOS and android app for your connected kitchen, here.

Autonomous Kitchens

Similar to the world of cars and driving, self-cooking appliances will be the future. Kitchen appliances being able to cook complex meals on their own to perfection and your preference. Moley already has successfully mimicked the cooking skills of a master chef.

Green Kitchens

With the increased pressure and awareness of being green and reducing our impact on the earth, green kitchens will follow. This trend of being more energy efficient and greener will continue in the years to come. Sustainable appliances have already achieved major reductions in water and energy consumption. Future kitchens may include indoor hydroponic systems to grow fresh herbs and spices all year round.

We will witness greater sustainability, both in our appliances and our food as we use more local, seasonal ingredients.

Bosch Kitchen appliances of the future

In the coming years, Bosch will continue to lead the way in kitchen appliances. If you’re looking at designing your kitchen, book a free in-home design visit with one of our designers today.

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