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The Quooker Tap Collection

Our Quooker Tap Collection: A summary

A Quooker tap is a key feature to any kitchen. At Wharfedale Interiors, we are proud to be an approved partner.

A Quooker consists of a kitchen tap on your worktop and a tank in your kitchen cupboard. There are various options. For convenience, go for a 3-in-1 tap or a separate boiling-water tap. Choose the tap that suits you best.

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So here is the collection we can offer to our customers.

About Quooker

Since it was invented in 1970 by Henri Peteri, the boiling-water tap has become an indispensable tool in kitchens all over the world.

The Quooker was the very first boiling-water tap in the world. Inventions like the high-vacuum insulated tank, the all-in-one taps Quooker Fusion and Flex and the series of black boiling-water taps brought about a revolution in the kitchen. Innovation ‘around the sink’ still continues every day.

Quooker are the leading force in kitchen taps and are a world-renowned brand which you can trust.

Quooker 1


  • Pull out hose for better reach
  • Winner of Dutch Design Awards 2017
  • Boiling-water tap and mixer tap in one
  • Our best selling Quooker tap in 2020

Available in polished chrome, stainless steel or black.

The Flex is a boiling water tap, equipped with a flexible pull out hose for hot, cold and filtered cold water. This makes it very easy to rinse and clean at any point in the sink.

In 2020, the Flex collection was our most popular Quooker Tap for Wharfedale Kitchens, for a reason.

Quooker 2

Fusion Square

  • Boiling-water tap and mixer tap in one
  • How great does the above look? this is the matte black finish.
  • Choose from a round or straight spout

Available in polished chrome, stainless steel, black, gold or patinated brass.

From now on, there’ll only be one tap on the worktop. The Quooker Fusion is a boiling-water tap and mixer tap in one, beautifully combined.

“The Quooker tap is part of our kitchen now. Not only does it look fantastic, it’s super practical and we’d be lost going back to a traditional tap or kettle. I’d recommend anyone a Quooker tap, it will change how you use your kitchen”

Quooker 3

Fusion Round

  • Boiling-water tap and mixer tap in one
  • Want to make an impact? check out the matte black finish
  • Round or straight spout

Available in polished chrome, stainless steel, black, gold or patinated brass.

The Fusion round looks great and is practical. Get everything from one tap: boiling, hot and cold water within seconds.

Quooker 4

Nordic Round

  • 1474
  • 1475
  • Height of boiling-water tap can be adjusted to your kitchen

Available in polished chrome and stainless steel

Mixer tap and boiling-water tap in the same design. The height of the boiling-water tap can be adjusted so that you can easily fill a pan or cup without splashing.

It can also dispense cool sparkling and filtered water when you combine it with a Quooker CUBE.

“It’s great to have matching taps; they really stand out in our kitchen. It’s also clear to our small children that the smaller tap is not intended for children and that they can use the larger tap to wash their hands. A safe idea!”

Quooker 5

Fusion Square

  • 1474
  • 1475
  • Adjust the height in your kitchen

Available in polished chrome and stainless steel.

The Nordic boiling water taps from our Twintaps series are also available separately for combining with your existing mixer tap

Considering a Quooker Tap for your kitchen?

Speak to one of the team at Wharfedale Interiors, for the best service and price on your new Quooker Tap. To see a Quooker tap in action, visit our showrooms and find out why this kitchen accessory is quickly becoming a kitchen must-have.

For more information, you can also visit the Quooker website.

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