Fitted Furniture Collections

Fitted Furniture Collections

The Wharfedale collection of bespoke fitted furniture.
Wharfedale Interiors Furniture Collections
For over 30 years, Wharfedale Interiors have been pioneering the art of fitted furniture in Yorkshire. We are proud to have completed over 2,000 projects for our clients, from fitted bedroom wardrobes to luxurious walk in wardrobes to even bespoke projects for celebrities.

Because of our UK-leading guarantee, we are privileged to be trusted by some of the leading home builders and architects across the Country to design, manufacture and install our stunning fitted furniture collections.

Every collection from Wharfedale Interiors is unique to your home, lifestyle, and requirements. We get to know you and how we can make your life easier. Is storage a problem? Do you have a growing family and need more space? Do you want to transform the spare room into a stunning walk in wardrobe? Whatever you are looking for, we can help create your ideas into reality.
Our goal is to understand what your dream living space looks like, feels like and how it would function – and then try to deliver just that within your budget.

Because of the exception quality of our fitted furniture and our reputation for service, most people assume our collection of fitted furniture are overpriced and possibly out of your budget. Most of our clients are pleasantly surprised when we start discussing the cost of our furniture. For more information and top tips on the costs or what effects the price of our furniture, visit our YouTube channel where our Director, Rhys Boven, gives you lots of useful information and guides.
Fitted Furniture

Explore Our Furniture Collections

Bedroom Furniture Collection

Bedroom Wardrobes

Bespoke fitted wardrobes can help turn your dream bedroom space into a reality.
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Fitted Wardobes Collection

Sliding Wardrobes

Fitted sliding wardrobes, made-to-measure and bespoke to suit you and your space.
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Sliding Wardrobes Collection

Walk-in Wardrobes

Our talented designers and craftsman will create your dream walk-in wardrobe.
Lounges Collection

Home Offices

Home offices which make working from home a pleasure.
Lounges Collection


Lounge furniture made to measure and customised both design and functionality.
Finishing Touches Collection

Finishing Touches

When it comes to fitted furniture, it's often the little details which make all the difference.
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