How To Design A Small Kitchen

How to design a small kitchen

Do you have a small kitchen space and are struggling for ideas to maximise the space?

It’s a common issue in today’s property market with so many houses and apartments available having a small kitchen. New build houses are statically getting smaller with on average 10% to 15% less space in the kitchen.

What this means for you is that you’re going to have to think ‘outside the box’ and make the most of the limited space available.

Especially, flats and apartments, you’ll often also contend with sloping ceilings and awkward cupboards, this is where having the right kitchen designer on board to help you, pays off.

Here are a few top tips and tricks you can use to make the most of the kitchen design.

To see examples of kitchens we’ve just commissioned, visit our Instagram or Facebook pages. Alternatively, you can see our latest kitchen projects here.

Kitchen Design

With small kitchens it’s easy to add units and make the room feel claustrophoic. It’s a thin line from perfect to ‘too much’ but here are some tips. When it comes small spaces, the saying is ‘work with what you’ve got’

This means that if your kitchen is a narrow space, then work with it and emphasise the length of the room. We would tend to design neat and sleek lines in a narrow space.

At Wharfedale Interiors, we tailor everything to the space you’ve got and how to maximise it as well as getting the items and features which mean the most to you.

An example of this is making your kitchen cupboards and draws do the work to keep your worktop free and uncluttered. Great storage design isn’t about having lots of units and spaces for things, it’s about being clever with your storage.

An example of clever storage would be combining the pan draw with the secondary cultery tray meaning you are saving unit space and being smart. We can also implement ‘magic corner units’ where corner units aren’t ‘dead spaces’


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In this kitchen, we’ve included a cost-effective way of using the sloping ceiling, by adding long shelves that are integrated into the wall units for a sleek and modern feel.

This kitchen is part of our SCANDI collection, inspired by matching different finishes and materials for a calm and minimalist space. If you are struggling to visual and plan your kitchen, get in touch with the team to arrange a free in-home design measure.

Sloping Ceiling In Apartment Kitchen White Gloss

This kitchen was in a luxury top floor apartment but had little space for a kitchen and we had to work with sloping ceilings on the left side. Another example of where we have utilised the shelving to take the eye away from the sloping ceiling and lack of storage space.

Adding a gloss finish is a great way to make your room appear bigger. Especially, with spotlights where the light bounces off the cabinets and gives the illusion of space and lightness.

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This kitchen was actually a lot smaller until we re-designed the room completely. What we want to highlight is the use of lighter colours here. If you’re working with a small space, use lighter and neutral tones to brighter up the space. The use of mirrors on the plinth can also help with that illusion of more room and storage.

For more top tips and advice, get in touch with the team today or visit one of our showrooms.

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