Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes

Fitted vs Freestanding Furniture?

When moving home or revamping your property, bedroom wardrobes will be on the discussion list and whether to opt for fitted bedroom wardrobes or freestanding.

We talk through the differences between these two styles of furniture for your bedroom so you can better understand which is right for your home, space and personal requirements.

Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes

There are lots of benefits to fitted bedroom wardrobes, from flexibility to design to even value for money. We highlight our top 5 benefits.


Every detail from colour, dimensions, style to even interior features and accessories can be customised. Fitted bedroom wardrobes are bespoke and made to measure in most cases to your exact requirements and space. For example, do you have many long dresses or coats? When designing your wardrobes your designer can include a section for long hanging garments for you, whereas in freestanding furniture you can’t alter the interiors to suit your lifestyle.

Additional Storage

As a rule, fitted bedroom wardrobes provide an additional 40%+ storage in your home than freestanding. This is gained in the width and height of the wardrobes as your designer will make the measurements bespoke to your bedroom so you gain more storage. Most fitted furniture companies will offer a wall to wall service where the wardrobes will maximise your room’s corners and space as well.


Fitted bedroom wardrobes are now becoming even more popular with the many different colours, finishes and style options you can choose from. When choosing a  Wharfedale Interiors bespoke wardrobe you have the option of over 60 different door styles and 80 different colours and finishes to choose from. In fact, fitted bedroom wardrobes are becoming an interior designer favourite with the ability to customise the look and feel. You can also choose the style and finish of the handle so you can make your wardrobe even more bespoke to your style and space.


Fitted bedroom wardrobes and any fitted furniture is an investment rather than a cost. Purely because when you sell your home, you will usually, sell with the fitted furniture. The cost of the furniture is mostly recovered within the house sale price, giving you years of storage for very little cost. This is just one of the reasons why Wharfedale Interiors have been working with private developers on their new homes.

Awkward spaces

Freestanding furniture isn’t always possible, especially in loft conversions and attic spaces. Whether your room has a sloping ceiling or awkward corners and gaps, fitted furniture can work perfectly. Take a look at some of our latest projects to see how fitted bedroom wardrobes can be designed around the most awkward of spaces.

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