chrome vs nickel kitchen handles

Kitchen and bedroom handles - chrome or nickel?

This is a question we get asked most weeks when customers are choosing their kitchen or bedroom. What is the difference between nickel and chrome and which should I choose?

Both finishes and materials can look fantastic in any living space but the answer to which one you should choose is based on multiple factors. What colour are your cabinets? are your electrical sockets brushed or white? are your internal door handles chrome or nickel? etc...

We hope this short blog will help you see the difference between chrome and nickel and hopefully help you choose between the two.


Firstly let's understand what actually is chrome and nickel


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Chrome plating is applied to a base metal and then given a very high polish to provide a mirror-smooth finish. The idea behind polished chrome is to give you the white mirror finish and a perfect reflection, perfect for kitchens or bedrooms with lots of light!

The look of polished chrome leans towards the modern side but can also provide a classic look. In fact, we have our popular Marlborough Handle in polished chrome on display in our showroom in Ilkley.


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Nickel Plating is again applied to a base metal and usually comes in a brushed finish. A similar polished finish is available but not as widely recommended. The polished nickel is similar to polished chrome but it has a yellow highlight rather than white and suits itself to a more classic and traditional look. For kitchens especially, if you're wanting a traditional shaker look, the polished nickel option would be a good option for you.

Brushed nickel is becoming more popular than chrome due to it's non-shiny nature and simple look.


So... which one should I choose?

Most style and shapes of handles you can get in both polished and brushed finishes, so the answer really is aesthetics and the look you want to achieve. How we advise our clients at Wharfedale Interiors, is to look at your internal door handle. Is it polished (Shiny) or brushed (non-shiny)? Whatever the answer, we would usually recommend matching to make the space look designed. Of course, you don't have to follow this and usually, if you have brushed electrical outlets, then you would match again but both these options will look fantastic.

If you want to ask any further questions or want to ask for our advice, please get in touch with the team today.

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