copy of complete guide to choosing your kitchen worktops (6)

Tired of your house utilities on show?

Whether you live in a new build or are renovating your home, your house utilities are an essential part. We're talking about the boiler, pipes, central heating, cylinder, electricity meter, gas meter, water meter and many more complex systems that run your house.

While they are fantastic bits of kit and essential, they don't look the best and often we are asked for solutions on how to hide these home essentials.

Here's an example of one we commissioned in Ilkley this week.


This room was previously a garage but due to having a large driveway, wasn't used at all. The client needed space for friends and family to stay so renovated the garage to become a large guest bedroom with an en-suite bathroom.

Along with the change were the boiler, electrics and house utilities which wouldn't look the best in a guest bedroom.

copy of complete guide to choosing your kitchen worktops (6)

We designed a front frame system wardrobes to not only hide all the utilities but also provide storage for hanging items and shoes when guests come to stay.

If you're struggling for storage or want to hide your utilities in your home, get in touch with the team today!

Tel: 01943 817477

Email: [email protected]

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