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Incorporating a kitchen pantry

A kitchen pantry or a chef's pantry is most people's idea of organised heaven. Often it looks pretty standard from the outside however, it's what's behind the doors which is important and that it has doors.

The kitchen pantry is a great way to hide kitchen items and create a tidy kitchen space with less clutter.

Here at Wharfedale Interiors, it's becoming one of the most requested design features we do. Whether you're wanting a coffee station, bar area or just more storage for the kettle and toaster, a kitchen pantry is an option that you need to think about when designing your perfect kitchen space.

With so many possibilities in terms of storage, design and organisation, we thought we’d share some fundamental rules to help you make the most of this highly functional feature.


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First and foremost, the pantry is great for storage. Typically you will have open shelving behind the doors at different heights and sizes depending on what you're storing. The larger shelves and worktop are a perfect place for small appliances from toasters to kettles to coffee machines.

The pantry can also be great for built-in appliances like wine coolers and even microwaves.

Floating spice racks and shelving on the larder doors is also a great idea for additional storage and maximises previously unused space. This is perfect for eliminating waste in your kitchen.

In this kitchen, we have included a wine rack, space for large canisters and worktop space for the coffee machine.


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Where you design the placement of your kitchen pantry is important but also quite dependent on the layout and where the other tall larders are.

When designing a kitchen with a pantry cabinet, the two most common areas are with the other tall larders/cabinets or standalone away from the main kitchen space.

There are benefits to both options, but both work really well to create more storage and hide appliances.


Design your perfect kitchen space

Get in touch with one of the team today to discuss your kitchen requirements. Our team of designers can help you choose every detail in your kitchen to match your requirements and needs.



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