Hallway fitted furniture

How to create the perfect hallway fitted furniture

We all know first impressions count and make such a big difference. In a home, it's the same. The first impression of the interiors is often the hallway space. When you come home after a long day at work and open that front door, your mood can drastically change based on the hallway space.

A big part of creating the perfect hallway space is storage and tidiness. The last thing you want is to come home to chaos and clutter with shoes everywhere, keys, dog leads, coats, toys etc...

At Wharfedale Interiors, we help our clients with designing fitted furniture to meet your needs and create a calm and organised space. So with this experience let's get to it and give you some ideas on creating your hallway fitted furniture.


The first and most obvious question is your space. All hallways are different and how you design fitted furniture and furniture, in general, is based on the space you have and if you have a hallway as such. Is it a lobby? Do you have a dedicated storage room or area? Do you have a porch? These questions are important as they will change the furniture options and what's best for your home.

Hallway fitted furniture can range from very small open solutions with coat hooks, shelves, shoe racks and a bench to large bespoke solutions with space for ironing boards, shoes and whatever you can imagine.


Your storage

The next question is more to look at the pain points. What in your current hallway annoys you? What is getting in the way or what are you tripping over? Is it coats, shoes, toys etc... This is a great way to create your ideal living space by looking at your current and seeing what issues there are, then solving them!



The next step is to talk about the design and style you're wanting in your hallway. Are you modern, traditional or a little bit of both? If modern, you're leaning towards handleless doors and maybe even gloss finishes. The modern ideas are more minimal and less fussy, unlike the traditional designs where the doors will be often a shaker design with fretwork and beading.



No matter how big your space, mirrors are your friend when it comes to the hallway as they serve both look and function. Mirrors are great for bouncing and reflecting light into small spaces which often hallways can be a little small and cramped. As well as this it's also essential before you walk out the front door to start your day, you can check out your outfit and look to make sure you're looking as fresh as your fitted furniture.


Want some help?

Get in touch with one of the team today to start designing your dream hallway space.

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