Cabinet Handles Guide

How cabinet handles can make a massive impact

Over the past 29 years, we've commissioned over 2,500 fitted furniture projects ranging from kitchens, wardrobes, living rooms, and many more. So we know where customers go wrong or the things which customers don't take as much time thinking of.

Cabinet handles are one of the most important and underrated elements when choosing your dream kitchen or wardrobe. It can make as big of a difference to your overall look as the colour or finish of the worktops or doors. That's just one of the reasons why we have most of our favourite handles in stock at our Ilkley showroom for our customers to compare.

Here's how we recommend how to choose your perfect cabinet handles.

Handle style

The first step with any furniture or living space alteration is to choose what style and the overall look you're wanting. Whether it's modern, contemporary, or traditional, you've got to choose what style is going to look best for you and suit your room and home.

Handles are a great way to finish the overall look, for example, you can achieve a traditional look with a certain handle and a modern door. The handle makes a big impact on the aesthetics.

Handle shape

The next step is choosing the shape of your handle and what shape you'd like on your furniture. The UK's most popular are knobs, d-handles, bow handles or cup handles.

A combination of multiple shapes is an ever-popular trend especially in kitchens with the knob on doors and cup handles on drawers.

Handle finish

Once you're happy with the shape and style, the next step is to choose your finish. This often is decided along with or based on other room features like sockets, windows and lighting.

For example, if your sockets are brushed silver, you may choose a brushed aluminium or nickel handle to match.

Handle budget

The last thing to think about before ordering your perfect cabinet handles is the budget. Handles can start from as little as 60p but depending on material and supplier, they can cost over £100 per handle. So it's important to have a budget, especially with a kitchen where you will be 20+ handles at least in most kitchens.

Our recommended guide cost per handle is between £5-£10 for a good quality handle.

Need help?

Pop into our showroom or give your Wharfedale designer a call to discuss the options and what would work best for your living space.




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