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At Wharfedale Interiors, we work on all types of homes and living spaces from ultra-modern to stately homes across Yorkshire. Over the past 29 years, we've installed many different types of styles and finishes which complement the look you're wanting in your living space.

The door style, colour, features, and handles can make all the difference to your fitted furniture project.

So let's look at how to achieve a traditional look in your bedroom.

1.) Door style

Probably the most obvious factor in a bedroom wardrobe is the door style. With over 70 different door styles you can choose from you really can create any look you'd like in your living space. For a traditional look and feel the more detail the better. For example our Knightsbridge door style with the shaker door but with added beading around the frames and casing.

This door can suit any traditional home or cottage with its character and elegant look especially if your bedroom has tall ceilings over 2.7mtrs.


2.) Handles

We have said this before and will continue to say that handles are often overlooked and not taken as seriously as they deserve. The handle choice whether that's the shape, finish, or style is so important and can make all the difference in creating an elegant, traditional look for your bedroom.

We would recommend you look at the crystal glass knob handles with polished chrome bases which is a classic design that works great with a traditional style door. This knob handle is inspired by the french furniture collection and can add a little detail that is unique to your bedroom wardrobes.


3.) Go classic with a cornice

Most fitted furniture and bespoke wardrobes we commission are flush to the walls and ceiling, however, if you're wanting a truly traditional look, then a cornice can be just the answer. This can be installed with a fitted to the ceiling finish to avoid a dust trap at the top of the wardrobes if your ceilings aren't as tall as you'd like.


4.) Colour

When it comes to traditional colour you're looking at the pale and classic neutrals of white, off white and cream. We have commissioned wardrobes in more adventurous colours like indigo blue and dusky pink however, nothing can beat the classic and timeless look of a traditional white wardrobe.

Need help?

Get in touch with a Wharfedale designer today who will help you create the perfect look for your space and advise you on how to achieve the desired look no matter the size of your room.

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