fjord bedroom wardrobes

Why you should consider Fjord for your fitted wardrobes

At Wharfedale Interiors, we offer our clients over 90 different door styles, colours and finishes for your bedroom or kitchen. So we see what works well and what doesn't and what looks good in which rooms. Let's dive into one of our favourite colours at the moment for your kitchen or fitted wardrobes.


What is Fjord?

Inspired by Scandinavian design, Fjord is a light green decor with high blue content. Its greyed-out character creates a reserved colour that can be combined with many types of woodgrain and material decors. Large surfaces in Fjord Green are also possible without looking too dominant.


Where can you use Fjord in your home?

Fjord has been a popular colour and finishes in kitchens for 2-3 years now. It's seen a large rise in popularity from kitchen retailers across UK and even Europe. This has been a result of the rise in minimal furniture and styling trends within the interior scene.

Fjord is a soft-tone colour so works great with neutral tones and woodgrain tones alike. This makes it a really versatile colour that you can use in your bedroom, kitchen, office, or lounge.

Here on this project we have used it to compliment the bedroom furniture and space.

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