How To Design A Small Kitchen Space Wharfedale Interiors

Small Kitchen designing 101

Kitchen designing is a big task not to take likely, especially if your kitchen space is on the smaller side. At Wharfedale Interiors, we often get asked how to maximise the look and practically, from bedrooms to kitchens.

Having a small kitchen most will think limits the scope for good quality kitchen design and functionality, but this is far from the truth. We've seen and designed so many outstanding and unique small-space kitchens.

No matter what the room size, if you're creative and have the right help, you will be able to create a beautiful kitchen with a wow factor.

Here are some of the top tips we've picked up along the way.

Gloss is good in Kitchens

The fashion for high gloss kitchen doors is still booming, and for good reason too. The reflective properties of these types of doors help to bounce light around kitchen areas, giving it a more spacious and airy feel.

Be daring with colour

The temptation with small kitchens is to use a plain white or cream colour to open up the space, but we tend to find that using bolder colours, or warmer natural wood effects gives the small space much more character, along with a warmer more inviting look.


Appliances and sinks are another major consideration that needs to be carefully designed into the space. If you’re struggling for worktop space, consider installing a ceramic hob instead of gas rings, which gives you an additional food-prep surface when not cooking.


Centre islands are becoming a ‘must have’ item too, so if your small space will allow it, consider adding one to the design that is on wheels. This will allow it to be used when it’s needed, and stored out of the way when it’s not, opening up a larger space for entertaining and socialising.

Clever Storage

Storage is an absolute must in a small space, so this should be planned carefully in advance. A good starting point is drawer units with organisers. In lots of small kitchens, the temptation is to minimise the number of drawers and install more cupboards, but this doesn’t always need to be the case. Drawers can be used to organise pans, cutlery, crockery and a great deal more. This not only creates additional user-friendly space , but can also reduces the need to bend down. Corner drawer units are becoming more readily available too, so consider these as a viable alternative to corner cupboards.


For awkwardly shaped small rooms, considering narrower custom made units will allow every inch of space to be used to its fullest, and ensures there are no ‘dead zones’ that could have otherwise been better utilised.


Wirework larders and storage units are essential for small space kitchens as they help to organise food goods and supplies in one location whilst giving easy access and visibility of all items, which is critical in small kitchens. If a wall allows it, try to incorporate a full height larder, which will give bags of storage space without affecting the overall design.


One final item to mention is lighting. In any space, but especially small spaces, lighting must be well planned and thought out in the early design stages. Adding downlighters, under cabinet lights, plinth lights and even general up lighters and mood lighting will help to make a small space kitchen a pleasure to be in, and will provide a unique quality that makes it appear tailor made and well designed. It also helps to make the space more usable in different situations, adding value to the design that’s been put in place.

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