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Add some warmth to your bedroom decor

So far 2022 has continued the trend of hybrid 'at home' working and the cost of energy bills for households to skyrocket to unforeseen highs. Both situations lend themselves to adding warmth to your home being a popular trend and goal for homeowners alike. All neutral palettes are still very popular but adding pops of colour and warmth are picking up again. With this in mind, we're looking at ideas how you can add subtle touches to your bedroom decor to add warmth and cosiness to your living space.


Avoid empty spaces

If you go into an expensive shop, most of the time, the displays are minimal and there are lots of empty space. Without thinking about it, this gives off a cold, modern and exclusive feel. But it doesn't give off warmth or cosiness. Planning your furniture in your bedroom is important, no matter whether you have a large space or small.

If you have a lot of empty spaces or have a small room where you need to be a little smarter with your choices and storage, fitted furniture could be a great option for you. Fitted bedroom storage maximise every inch of space, leaving no gaps or 'dead' spaces.


Use texture

Texture is your best friend when it comes to warmth. The contrast in texture and materials gives off a warm and inviting feel to any bedroom.

Wood is the most popular option with it's traditional charm that is renowned for cosy log cabins and chalets. If having all your bedroom furniture being wooden or oak finished is overkill and dated, try little touches of oak on the interiors or accessory furniture like bedsides and chests of drawers.


Warm colours

Its no secret colours can completely transform a room from cold to warm. It's also the easiest and most cost-effective way to add warmth to a room while adding some personality.

If you are looking for warmth, then veer towards shades of gold, chestnut, powder pink and terracotta. Choose softer shades for the walls, and then embellish with darker tones for rugs, bed linen, blinds and soft furnishings such as frames, cushions and throws.



On every blog almost we discuss how underrated lighting is and when trying to add warmth to a room, it's no different. Lighting can set the mood and warm the bedroom space. Whether that was bedside lamps, pendant lights or candles.


Choose Wharfedale Interiors for your bedroom

We have been creating beautiful spaces for over 29 years in Yorkshire. We know what looks good and how to add warmth to any room.

We would love the opportunity to work with you to create the perfect living space. Book your free design visit today.

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