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What to expect on a home design visit

When you make an enquiry on our website, social media pages, or in our showroom, we will usually recommend a home design visit. So let's get straight into what is a home design visit, what happens, and what you can expect next.


Why does Wharfedale need to visit?

Every item of furniture we do at Wharfedale Interiors is 100% custom and made to measure. All our furniture and design are based solely on your requirements and rooms' measurements. We cannot give an accurate quote and design without measuring and seeing your home. Our furniture should last over 30 years so it's better to get it right and perfect for you.


How long do home design visits take?

Timewise it does depend on how many rooms you'd like a quotation/design for. As a rule of thumb each room should take between 20-30 minutes but we are pretty quick and efficient.


What are your covid-19 measures when visiting homes?

Your designer will introduce themselves when they enter your home and will ask if you'd like them to wear a mask during the survey. All designers are temperature-checked daily to ensure they test negative and don't have a fever. If at any point you don't feel well or are suffering from symptoms of Covid-19, please let us know and we will happily re-arrange your appointment.


What will the designer do on the home visit?

The main goal of the design visit is to get a clear idea of what you're looking for. This includes discussing issues you're having with your current space and what your dream living space would look like. The more detail you can give the designer the better as our furniture is customised to create the perfect space for you.

The other goal is to measure your rooms. This means that we will measure your full room including walls, ceilings, skirtings, windows, doors, electrical fittings, and the whole nine yards. Once we have discussed your dream room and measured every aspect of the room, we will start creating ideas and designs in our office.


When can I expect a quote?

Usually, we will ask you to visit the showroom via appointment to go through the design in detail and discuss our ideas. This is typically around 3-5 days.


Book your free home design visit today

For help creating your dream living space and bedroom, get in touch with the Wharfedale Interiors team to book your free home design visit today.

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