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Top storage furniture ideas for children's bedrooms

Here are our top storage furniture ideas for children's bedrooms

Designing your bedroom furniture in any room is difficult enough, let alone your child's room. It's a balance between looks and practical storage space for clothes, toys and the typical 'bits n bobs'

Before you start looking for the perfect solution you need to think about a few aspects. Firstly, will it look good in a few years when your children's tastes start to change? Do you have enough storage for toys to keep their bedroom tidy? If your children clean their rooms - are they able to reach all the shelves? Often children's bedrooms are

At Wharfedale Interiors, we know as a parent there are a million things to think about and hopefully, we can make your children's bedroom storage not one of them. Here are our team's top tips and storage ideas for your children's bedrooms using fitted bedroom furniture.

1.) Fitted sliding wardrobes

In our experience of designing children's bedrooms, sliding wardrobes are a fan favorite. They not only have a novelty aspect which your children will enjoy but they look fantastic. With over 50 different variations and colour palettes to choose from, you will find the one which is perfect for your bedroom.

As a parent, when we think about our children... safety is the top priority. Sliding wardrobes have fewer sharp corners than traditional pull-out wardrobes and with the soft closing implements - nothing will get trapped when shutting the doors.

You can also add mirrors to your sliding doors to save wall and floor space. This will help with making sure your wardrobes stand the test of time when your children grow older and start thinking about their outfits more. Adding a mirror will also make your room look bigger and give the illusion of more space than there really is - two birds with one stone right?!

But the biggest feature of sliding wardrobes is they save a lot of space. Typically children's bedrooms are the smallest room of the house so space comes as at a premium. Sliding wardrobe doors give you extra space by not intruding into the room whenever your children need to access the wardrobe.


2.) Have you thought of a cabin bed?

A cabin bed is a great and fun addition to your children's bedroom. A cabin bed is a bed platform with typically storage units built in underneath. Think of an overnight train bed but with style and lots of storage options.

They usually have some kind of steps or a ladder to access the bed and the sides are raised so your children can't roll off even in the worst dreams. The great advantage of cabin beds is you can add a built-in desk, more storage, even a slide!


3.) Clothes storage

With Wharfedale fitted wardrobes, our team will visit your home and measure your exact space available. This allows you to make the most out of your children's room from ceiling to walls. Our bespoke solutions can meet any size or specification you need.

A major benefit to fitted wardrobes is that they are fixed to the wall so no risk of heavy wardrobes or furniture falling over whilst your child is around. Most of our wardrobes also fit perfectly to the ceiling giving you lots of high storage space, this is handy for keeping things away from your children which you'd rather them not reaching.

When we manufacture your bedroom furniture we can add adjustable shelving so as your children grow you can gradually change the heights and features internally.


4.) Pigeon-hole storage

Pigeon-hole shelving and compartments are a great addition to any bedroom wardrobe especially one designed for your children's bedroom. They are a superb solution for the toys, books, shoes, you name it - pigeon-hole storage is a must.

They are also a great space-filling in your bedroom and can fit just about anywhere. Whether it's on the floor, wall-mounted, built into the fitted wardrobes or an add-on to a cabin bed, the possibilities are endless.


5.) Wardrobe drawers

Drawers are a must in any bedroom wardrobe. They are fantastic for storage of anything you can imagine and look the part as well.

Our drawers are completely bespoke to your wardrobe internals and space available. Most popular with 3-5 drawers and any width, they add another storage solution to your fitted bedroom wardrobe.


Start designing your bedroom wardrobe today.

Our friendly team of designers will be able to help you measure your space and pick the perfect wardrobe for your children's wardrobe. You can also visit the showroom and see some of our child-friendly displays. Contact us today and book your free design consultation.

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