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Top reasons to avoid next day furniture

We understand that next day and fast furniture from the likes of a famous Swedish retailer definately have their place and works perfectly for some people. In today's world of technology and deliveries, we are used to everything quick and often forget about the long term. We choose the convienence of cheap, mass-produced and low quality furniture over quality and furniture properly designed which will stand the test of time.

We dive into just some of the reasons to avoid next day furniture:

Buy cheap, buy twice

We come across so many homes every week where the client has bought some off the shelf furniture which after 6 months has chipped, broken or the doors have 'blown out' Once they have realised the poor quality and how prone to damage these items can be, they will double pay for a bespoke piece from us. We would recommend saving up for a bespoke properly made wardrobe over a cheap and quick option.

Poor lifetime

Because of the way the furniture is made and the materials the companies use to make it so cheap, unforunately, they just won't last the normal wear and tear of any houeshold. The average furniture from these retailers are about 6-12 months. With a Wharfedale Interiors wardrobe you can expect these to last 30+ years with the right cleaning.

Lack of options and colours

When you're choosing a fast furniture piece, there is usually 3-6 different colour options if you're lucky. These are usually white, black, birch, oak and walnut. With a Wharfedale Interiors wardrobe, we have over 80 different colours, finishes and styles to choose from. No matter your style or taste, we have something for you which you will love.

Self assembly

You no doubt have busy lives and the last thing you want to do is have to mess about with screws, instructions and causing potential damage to your walls. With Wharfedale wardrobes, you have a dedicated installer who will take all the hassle away.

End of life

Unfounrately, when your next day furniture is broken or you have moved house, you will no doubt need to replace the furniture. This means the furniture you have bought ends up in landfill or a skip. With fitted furniture, it actually increases the value of your home and will last many more years for the new owner to enjoy and use.


With most furniture you buy from retailers off the shelf you will have to either collect yourself or pay for delivery. With a Wharfedale wardrobe, delivery is completely free of charge and included as part of the Wharfedale Difference.

If you're looking for a bedroom wardrobe or home office, get in touch with the team today.

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