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Our top tips for designing your dressing room

At Wharfedale Interiors, we are known for fitted wardrobes, kitchens, fancy media units, and our renowned dressing rooms and walk-in wardrobes. It's almost everyone's dream to have a dedicated dressing room for getting changed, winding down, or simply to get a second of peace.

In the past year alone we have designed, manufactured, and installed over 50 fitted dressing rooms for our clients across North and West Yorkshire. So we know a little about the pitfalls and errors people make, but also what works great and some gems to think about when you're designing yours.

So here are some of our top tips for designing your fitted dressing room.


Dressing Room Interiors

1. Open dressing rooms

We start with this because it's the main factor and obviously creates a completely different room depending on which option you choose. There are benefits to each and we're going to quickly highlight a few of them to help you with choosing an open dressing room.

Let's start with the positives. Firstly, they are more cost-effective as the fitted furniture company does not have to include/manufacture doors. The next point is that they look awesome, particularly when they are just installed. Depending on which colour options you choose, they can give a real wow factor which wardrobes with doors cannot pull off as much. Having open wardrobes is more practical as you can see all your clothes without messing about with opening doors and struggling to find stuff. A design we love on open dressing rooms is to have a different coloured back to the wardrobes which looks great in any room.

Now the not-so-good news when choosing open, starting with they are open and if you're not the tidiest person, it's going to look like a bombsite at times. Try to not have windows shining onto the open wardrobes, as we've seen previous clients have their blazers and hanging clothes damaged with the direct sunlight. It's rare this happens but still something to think about. And that's pretty much it with open wardrobes as they can look fantastic and are more cost-effective, if you're tidy and you have the right room, then it's a green light from us.



Fitted Dressing Room Lighting

2. Lighting

As any good interior designer will say, lighting is a big choice in any home environment whether that be in a kitchen or dressing room. And same with several points we are raising here, the decision does depend on your living space and room. For example, if natural light isn't great and there aren't many windows like this dressing room we commissioned in Leeds had, then integrated lighting is a must. Having a subtle light highlighting your wardrobes is a great option especially if you're not a morning person and have just woken up, nobody wants the surgical LEDs shining on you.

Lighting isn't just for open wardrobes it is also a factor with doors. As well, most electricians will give you an option of warm white or cool white. Warm white has a yellow tinge whereas cool white is must more white and in our opinion modern.

These lights can come from a switch or on a sensor as you approach the wardrobe or enter into the room. This project had them on sensors for when the customer walks into the room, they turn on highlighting their collection of clothes.

Probably the biggest negative against lighting is the cost. To have it grooved into the wardrobe interiors and connected by a certified electrician it's going to make the wallet lighter for sure. This is mainly due to the lights being in strips and having strip casings as well. If you're looking for a more budget option, then take a look at these from Amazon. Loads of our customers have used them and the batteries last ages because you won't have the lights on all day. The only factor you need to choose from is hiding the battery transformer, but you can also get plug-in lighting as well.


Dressing Room

3. Accessory Storage Ideas

When we say accessories, we mean tie rails, belt drawers, jewellery trays, make-up drawers, and many other storage solutions for your everyday items. These are designed to de-clutter your wardrobes and provide a place for every item so you don't end up with a jumble yard with clothes and items everywhere and things going missing. Often these items don't cost a lot at all and your fitted furniture company can make these easily. The starting point is to look at what you store and then make sure your new dressing room design caters to everything.

If budget is an issue, Amazon and other online retailers offer freestanding drawer dividers and other accessories which you can use. We do find the jewellery trays to be really poor in quality so would recommend getting your fitted furniture company like us, to manufacture a built-in drawer option for your fitted dressing room.


untitled design 2022 03 22t174609.355

4. Interior Colours

Whether you're thinking of open wardrobes or wardrobes with doors, colours play a big part in not only the look but also how good the wardrobes will look in 10 years time. Our advice is to choose either a dark colour where marks won't be easily seen or a colour/finish with woodgrain or concrete textured finish. The reason behind this is so that the drill holes or adjustable shelving holes don't stand out as much and in 10 years' time, the interiors will still look great.

At Wharfedale Interiors, we have over 120 different colour and finish options you can choose from so it's always worth having a visit to our Ilkley Showroom when designing your fitted bespoke dressing room.


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Designing your Dressing Room? Get in touch with our team

Contact us today to discuss and design your perfect dressing room. Our team of friendly and expert designers will plan and draw out your dressing room including every detail and item you'd want to include.

Telephone: 01943 817477 or Email [email protected]








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