Live Q & A from Wharfedale Interiors

Live Q & A from Rhys Boven at Wharfedale Interiors

Today's latest edition of our Q & A series is from Wharfedale Interiors Director, Rhys Boven. Sally from Best Interiors Inspiration kindly interviewed region leading fitted furniture manufacturer and retailer, Wharfedale Interiors about the past year.

Rhys is the vision behind the work we do at Wharfedale Interiors, his job is mainly to ensure our clients and team members are happy and our service standard is still exceptionally high.

QUESTION: What makes Wharfedale Interiors different from anyone else?

At Wharfedale Interiors, we've been making bespoke fitted furniture since 1993. We've installed over 3,000 bespoke wardrobes and kitchens for our clients and are proud that most of our work has come from past happy customers and word-of-mouth recommendations. We are very proud of our reputation for quality, excellent customer service, and bespoke options for our clients.


QUESTION: How have the past 12 months been at Wharfedale Interiors?

What a 12 months it's been! I'm not sure where to start but it's been amazing but also challenging. From material delays to lockdowns to even a fuel crisis along the way, 2021 has been an eventful year for most. We are very proud of how we have dealt with supply issues and timescales to have our best ever year in the history of Wharfedale Interiors.

We have completed over 100 projects across West and North Yorkshire, no two are the same.


QUESTION: What would be your biggest advice for someone wanting to renovate their house?

Good question and a popular one. This question I get asked most weeks from clients as there is so much information out there and so many horror stories we hear. My biggest advice would be to manage your expectations. Prior to the work starting, during, and after, it's so important to manage your expectations so it's not an emotional rollercoaster. Any home improvement project has its delays and unforeseen circumstances. Items along the way will come up and you've got to think on your feet to try to find a solution along with your contractor. This and maybe do your research on who you choose, make sure you have a good relationship with the contractor and that you trust one another.


QUESTION: In your experience, what are the biggest pitfalls customers make when choosing furniture of any kind?

We live in a culture of choosing convenience and price over quality and lifetime, unfortunately. Janet and I see so many customers who have bought fast or next day furniture which has broken or fallen apart only after 6 months of usage. They would be better off waiting until they have enough funds for properly fitted furniture which will maximise their living space and rooms. No doubt fast furniture has it's place but I believe we should be looking more long-term than short and cheap.


QUESTION: What has been your biggest accomplishment during the past two years at Wharfedale Interiors?

The biggest accomplishment has been having our record year even in the midst of several lockdowns, lots of material shortages and many delays which were out of our hands. It's been a challenging but awesome two years where the team has continued to create some incredible furniture. That's just one of the reasons why we are so proud to post many projects on our website and socials.


QUESTION: What has been your favorite project over the past 2 years?

Ooo good question, one which I may not be able to give a definitive answer. I would say the Headingley Spenfield was a real favorite of mine. We've worked there for over a year renovating almost every apartment there and over 50 bedrooms and kitchens. All to the highest of standards and bespoke requirements - it's been a lot of fun! Over than that, I love the Owler Park Living Room project we commissioned in Ilkley. The pictures were professionally taken but they still don't do it justice, just the perfect space for cosiness and relaxing.


QUESTION: What does the future hold for Wharfedale Interiors?

We have definitely a bright future for the business. With new suppliers coming on board helping us to offer even more variety and options for our clients. We also have a few divisions being developed as we speak which I'm very excited about.


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