How to make colour work for you

How to choose colour in your home

The colour you choose for your home can have a massive effect on the look and value of your property. More than ever the colour you choose needs to feel safe and calm so we can relax and unwind after a day of stress.

Whether you are daring enough to go bold or are wanting to sell your property, colour can transform your room whether it's on the walls or your fitted bedroom wardrobe.

At Wharfedale Interiors, we offer painted doors on our kitchen and bedroom projects as well, so our team can match any colour you like.

So, here are our top tips for choosing a colour in your home

Limit the number of different finishes in your room

Keep your palette tight and don't mix so many different finishes in one room. For example, if you have too much wood in a room it can feel overwhelming and enclosed. When choosing your fitted furniture and kitchen it's important to think about the finish and the existing colours in your room. Think fo your walls, blinds, curtains, ceiling, bedding and accessories. Your new fitted furniture wants to complement your room while still looking great in 25 years time.

Don't forget your ceilings

Most will assume a white will do but actually exploring different colours for your ceiling can transform your space for the better. They are after all the largest wall space you have. We still recommend a very light tone of white, blue, grey or green but don't automatically choose white.

Think about the message colour gives

We don't always acknowledge it but have you ever entered a dark home and your mood instantly changes? Different colours have an enormous effect on the atmosphere and message you portray.

If you need further help or assistance we recommend starting on the F&B website or speak to one of our team who can help you to choose the best colour for you space and home.

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