5 of our top kitchen storage ideas you can implement at home

Whether you live in a small apartment or want to get more out of your kitchen, organisation and creative use of space is the key. Take a look at our clever solutions to maximize your storage possibilities and get your kitchen more organised.

kitchen island example

Kitchen storage within your island

Kitchen islands provide not only additional workspace in your kitchen, they also can help organise cookbooks, smaller pieces, utensils, and much more. A slim island with at least one additional shelf will give you more space to store cookware and dishes. Use baskets or bins to stow smaller items such as utensils or seasonings. Add some shelves for cookbooks and handy crockery like coffee mugs at the sides of your kitchen island.

Take a look at the above kitchen we commissioned in Ilkley. We’ve added practical storage solutions on both sides to give the home owner more space and to keep the worktops clear of clutter.

Kitchen - outside the box ideas

The bottom of shelves and pantries

A clever kitchen storage idea is to screw mason jar lids to the undersides of cabinets and shelves. This will create storage for pasta, herbs and much more, while also being a statement in your kitchen.

Kitchen shelving

Think outside the box with kitchen storage

Space for cabinets and drawers aren’t always available in your kitchen, so you have to get creative with your storage. A great way to access additional storage is to install shelves, rods, and pegboards to hang utensils and pans.

Kitchen Splashback Ideas and Shelving

Utilise every space

Because space in your kitchen is at a premium, it’s important you make the most of your space. We can design and install small cabinets or cupboards to any space. For example, above windows or underneath a sink, we can commission the perfect storage solution for items that would otherwise take up your counter space.

We’ve just completed a kitchen in Leeds where we used the upper side of cabinets or cupboards to display pretty bottles of olive oil or vinegar, pottery, or baskets – this way you not only maximise space but also add decorative details.

Kitchen with fitted furniture

Bespoke Furniture with storage

Your kitchen has lots of opportunities for storage with built-in cabinets, tables, and seating areas. By designing bespoke table and seating areas we can add storage compartments that allow you to store items that would be either left around in a draw or on the worktop.

For more kitchen storage ideas check out our blog page or get in touch with the team to design your perfect kitchen space.